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Mosquito sprinkler systems (or mosquito misting systems) offer a clever new way to keep mosquitoes off the lawn. But, are they safe? Will they work for every home? Read our complete guide to find out. 

What is a Mosquito Sprinkler System?

Mosquito sprinkler systems work similarly to lawn sprinklers: they periodically release a spray that eliminates mosquitos.

They have a similar appearance to irrigation systems. Mosquito sprinklers typically have heads that spray repellents or insecticides during a scheduled timeframe. Strategic placement allows full coverage over a yard or park. Some newer mosquito sprinklers even come with small sensors that detect the movement of mosquitoes and spray when necessary.

Note: mosquito sprinkler systems should be installed by professionals. They come with many moving parts and must be placed strategically or they’ll be ineffective.

Are Mosquito Sprinkler Systems Safe?

Several mosquito misting systems and insecticides have been deemed safe by the EPA when used properly. 

Proper use means:

  • proper scheduling
  • avoiding nozzles when they’re misting
  • Using a recommended insecticide for your system
  • Avoiding them for certain health issues (ask your doctor first)
  • Avoid using your lawn for the time specified in your insecticide’s documentation. 
  • Keeping your system properly maintained. Otherwise, it could release a dangerous amount of insecticide. 

Remember, there is always some risk when working with chemicals. Read the documentation carefully. We highly recommend having your mosquito misting system installed by a professional. 

Are Mosquito Misting Systems Effective?

Yes, if they are planned and installed properly. The nozzles must be placed strategically. This won’t always mean even distances between nozzles or even distribution over your entire yard. Remember, the purpose is only to kill and prevent mosquitoes. 

Strategic timing is also important. Early morning and late evenings are typically the most effective times to keep mosquitoes at bay without killing beneficial insects (more on that later). However, late evenings often overlap with heavy lawn use – especially after work and school. There may also be regional variations that merit other times. 

Again, this is why we strongly recommend the consultation of a professional when having mosquito misting systems installed. Professionally-installed systems are highly effective in reducing and eliminating mosquitoes. 

Can I Spray for Mosquitos Using my Sprinkler System?

As the name implies, mosquito misting systems typically rely on the release of a fine mist. This helps ensure lawns stay safe for humans and pets. Most lawn sprinkler systems are designed to release larger amounts of liquid to ensure proper hydration for plants. Releasing that much insecticide at once could be dangerous and wasteful. They are also strategically placed to keep your lawn properly watered, not to kill mosquitoes. So, it’s better to use a separate sprinkler (or misting) system for mosquitoes. 

This is also why industry experts prefer to call them “mosquito misting systems” rather than “sprinkler systems.” It often leads to confusion that causes people to inject insecticide into their lawn’s sprinkler system. 

Yes, some people do turn their lawn sprinklers into successful mosquito sprinkler systems, but this should never be done without the guidance of a vetted professional. 

Can Mosquito Sprinkler Systems Kill Other Bugs?

Yes, and that includes bugs that are beneficial to your lawn. Some of the more common include:

  • honeybees (vital for pollination)
  • lady bugs (protect plants by killing aphids)
  • butterflies (pollination)

Permethrin, a common chemical used in mosquito sprinkler systems, can also be lethal to fish. 

How Much Do Mosquito Misting Systems Cost?

Mosquito sprinkler systems can be pricey, especially for residential applications. The system themselves typically cost between $1200 and $3000 for lawns that are relatively close to average.

However, there’s also the maintenance costs to consider. Components, especially nozzles, will occasionally need to be replaced. There’s also the ongoing cost of insecticide, which will vary depending on your scheduling and chosen brand.

And then there’s the installation cost. As we’ve said, it’s highly recommended that you hire a professional to install your system. It may cost more initially, but it will ensure that your mosquito misting system is strategically placed and assembled properly.