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Most of us really don’t focus much on our garage doors. We’re just happy as long as they open and close! So who cares about garage door trends, right?

However, modern garage doors have become more functional, stylish, and convenient. They can make our lives easier in ways we never would’ve imagined. They’re also available in more style options than ever. So, divulge us for a moment as we dive into a home design topic that truly deserve more attention: garage door trends.

Garage Doors with Wood Finishes

Modern garage door with a trendy wood finish

Wood has long been a popular garage door material, but the finishes tend to be…basic.

However, a recent trend has garage doors boasting beautiful styles that reflect the natural beauty of wood in new and unique ways.

Glass Garage Doors

Trendy glass garage door on a modern home

It’s hard to beat the style and utility of glass garage doors, so its easy to understand why they’re trending in 2024.

Glass doors are quickly gaining popularity for their unique styles and surprising applications. For one, they offer plenty of natural light for your projects while still serving as a buffer between you and the elements.

But, glass is less durable, right? Not always. Most glass garage doors are made out of panels that are polycarbonate-coated. This means each panels is durable, flexible, and fire resistant. In other words, they contain the perfect properties for a functional garage door. 

Glass panels are also held together with an aluminum frame. Aluminum offers the perfect combination of less weight with more durability. Plus, it offers a sleek, modern finish.

Even better, neither glass panels nor their aluminum frames are subject to rust or decay. This means they will actually often outperform traditional garage doors.

Garage Door Color Trends

Trendy garage doors with earth tone colors on a modern home

Earth tones remain trendy color choices for garage doors in 2024. They fit a variety of styles and, more importantly, the natural landscaping that surrounds our homes. However, bright white remains the most popular color choice and is often credited with higher curb appeal.

Minimalist Designs

Trendy minimalist garage door on a modern home

Notice how so many of the trends listed here revolve around a common theme: minimalism.

Garage doors rarely have extravagant designs and styles. Minimalist designs remain safer, although they still come in a variety of styles. Neutral colors and earth tones are key here, whether you prefer a classic or modern design. Just remember to avoid excessive designs with this trend.


Enhanced Security With Smart Garage Doors

Secure garage door sensor

Garage doors are increasingly viewed by criminals as a relatively easy target. Fortunately, modern garage doors implement security features so advanced that you’ll think you’re living in a James Bond movie. Most of these innovations center around garage door censors. We’ll briefly discuss each of the most common.

  • Motion sensors: sure, these have been around a while, but newer ones can also send alerts to your phone.
  • Infrared sensors: these are crucial for avoiding accidents and unauthorized entry in your garage. They identify sources of heat and respond appropriately.
  • Laser sensors: laser sensors measure distances very well and help ensure safe operation.

Here’s another important smart garage door feature: app control. How many times have you driven halfway to your destination only to wonder if you remembered to close the garage door? Smartphone apps can make this a thing of the past. You can check the status of your door and open or close it from anywhere! Some garage door apps also allow you to permit a select group of people to access your garage door from their phone. This offers a great way to share access without carelessly hiding keys nearby.

Technology changes so rapidly that it can be difficult to keep up with. However, staying up to date on security and safety features can help you better protect your family.

Trendy Garage Door Gallery

Need inspiration? We’ve included several pictures showcasing some of the trendiest garage doors of 2024 below!